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Hunnid is an award winning urban artist, songwriter, producer and engineer with many accolades already under his belt. Continuously raising the bar higher for himself, the one-man army is on a devoted mission to be the voice for those who are often silenced. 

“In my time listening to hip hop (since the 1990's) I've not heard anything like Hunnid before.   This is a single song called "Buss That" and it has a catchy chorus as it's just a matter of singing along with "Buss that, baby, buss that" and I feel like it could be a strong radio single in that sense-- because it has that pop appeal within the chorus but what it could be compared with in terms of other songs I've heard is not so easily defined.” 

Raised By Gypsies 

 Born and raised in Chicago by his single-parent mother, Jake acquired the name ‘Hunnid’ when a friend from a different side of town discovered that he was from 118th S. Eggleston. This neighborhood was an area dogged by crime and poverty, referred to by many as ‘The Wild, Wild Hundreds’. From then on, his nickname stuck with him. It would become his identity when he went on to gain rapid recognition in high school. This recognition began when Jake started spitting epic freestyles over heavy beats created by peers who would pound their fist on the lunch table in a melodic manner. His flare for freestyling no doubt had a lot to do with his natural adeptness to write poetry, which once even led to a piece being published at only 10 years old. 

“Hunnid draws for us in rich detail life coming up on the Chicago’s Southside. The gangs, the grind, the struggles, striving for self-improvement and ultimately keeping your head above water and the poetry that comes out of those experiences. The video for the song features Hunnid rapping with a brisk cadence and packing so much content into each line with an impressive economy. The insistent, dreamlike beat, a sample of warping guitar, shuffled claps and clicks like drum sticks on a wooden block, accents Hunnid’s storytelling perfectly. Throughout the song there isn’t some kind of tough pose, rather an attempt at preserving sensitivity and not being inured to hardship by becoming hard oneself. “ 

Queen City Sounds And Art 

Hunnids music truly has no boundaries.  Garnering international attention, Hunnid’s music is leaving an impression on listeners across the globe. Starting in the wretched neighborhoods of Chicago, to the slums of the UK, all the way down to the providences of Africa, Hunnid’s talents are reaching millions. 

“Une chanson excellente qui sonne comme la parfaite parenthèse musicale au moment où les vacances touchent à leurs fins. Comme nous aimons le dire, tout le monde devrait avoir sa petite dose de hip-hop quotidienne. Ce moment agréable où des flow de qualité s’écrasent sur des instrumentaux d’une qualité impeccable. C’est de cela dont il s’agit ici.” 

⁃Iggy Magazine 

Hunnid learned the importance of having a solid work ethic from a young age, by seeing how hard his mother worked to provide for him. His grandmother, who would play her records extremely loud majority of the time, exposed him to the power of music. It makes sense that those deep-rooted values and experiences would help form the imposing presence that Hunnid exuberates on stage, as well as his hard head for business. 

His one-man method has won him awards and earned him multiple nominations, not to mention a string of other achievements. 

“Award-winning rapper out of Chicago, Hunnid, has just released something that will end the Summer just right for all of us. “Buss That” is the real deal and it's got a lot of the Hip Hop community excited for something. 

This record has so many elements to it technically and creatively.  The foundation of the record is afro-beat based but was inspired by Lil Wayne “Back That Ass Up” with a touch of other 90's hit music.  The above influences helped to create something truly unique but an easy/enjoyable listen to anyone.

We've got Hunnid on record saying that his inspiration for this track was Lil' Wayne, and we're glad it's early Lil' Wayne, with all the rawness, all the creative lyrics that came with such a prolific rapper. To have an inspiration of that stature surely gives us a lot of hype of what we're about to listen to. The Punisher, as we like to call him around here because it hits you hard every time you listen to Hunnid. The way he manipulates the track flow and creates his own element of surprise to throw us off the scent, but it's such a great track that leaves no ear left unheard. 

Do yourself a favor and take a sneak peak at “Buss That” by Hunnid.” 

⁃EDM Sauce 

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